Sunday Meditation – April 20, 2014 – Easter – Hope from Our Burning Love for Christ

The Resurrection of the Lord
The Mass of Easter Sunday
Lectionary: 42

Reading 1  ACTS 10:34A, 37-43
Responsorial Psalm   PS 118:1-2, 16-17, 22-23
Reading 2   COL 3:1-4
Sequence   Victimæ Paschali Laudes
Gospel   JN 20:1-9

There is hope because of our burning love for Christ.


In the Gospel passage this Easter Sunday, we have St. Mary Magdalene.  Imagine her deep love for our Lord.  She wakes up early to visit Jesus.  During that time, maybe she was still grieving from Jesus’ death.  We sometimes miss to see Jesus in our lives during our grief.  It could be a loss of a loved one, failing health or sickness, loss of a job, broken relationship, an unanswered prayer or any type of suffering and trials we are going through.  We sometimes slowly forget to see Jesus alive and working in our lives since we are focused with our problems and trials in life.


Then we have St. Peter the Apostle.  Maybe, it was because of age that made him run slower than the other disciple.  Maybe, there is some hesitation.  Maybe, he was still thinking of the times he denied Jesus three times. There could still be some guilt.  We sometimes miss or do not want to see Jesus because of our guilt, of our sins.  We are too focused on the sin we have just committed.  It has affected our relationship with our Lord.  The enemy makes us think that our Lord will not forgive us, especially, if it is a sin that we repeatedly commit or fall into.



Finally, we have the other disciple, whom we believe is St. John the Apostle.  He ran so fast.  But, he was humble to wait for St. Peter.  He believed even though they did not yet understand the Scripture that Jesus had to rise from the dead.  He loved our Lord very much.  The three of them did.  We know the story.  They ended up seeing and meeting the resurrected Christ.  All because of their burning love for Christ.  Their love for Christ overcame the grief, the guilt and everything going through in their lives, in order to see Jesus.


We can do the same.  Despite our trials and sufferings in life, despite our sins and weaknesses, there is hope, because of our burning love for Christ.


My wife just gave birth to our third daughter two weeks ago.  I was in the delivery room and I saw the pain that she went through, until the doctor placed our baby girl on top of her tummy.  Somehow all the pain suddenly disappeared.  She was happy holding our baby.  I cannot explain it but I was in tears trying to hold it off or hide it, so that the doctor and nurses won’t see me crying.  In the end, it was all because of my love.  Mothers are able to go through the pain because of love.  Jesus was able to go through his passion and death because of His love for us and for the Father.  Love is the answer.  Jesus has defeated sin and death because of love.  Again, there is hope.  Whatever it is we are going through in our lives now, we can handle it because of our burning love for our Lord.


It is Easter.  What a joyful day for St. Mary Magdalene, St. Peter and St. John, for they have seen Jesus alive again.  We celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord.  But what does it mean for us now?  During Lent, we go through the practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  It allows us to focus on Christ.  We now have the habit of seeking our Lord come Easter and beyond.  We have an increased burning love for Him.


Like the Apostles, we can experience the Lord through the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation.  There, we can see Jesus.  There, we can receive Jesus.  And with a burning love for Christ, we have hope.  What a grace that is.


Lord, increase our love for You.
Mary, our Mother, pray for us.
St. Mary Magdalene, pray for us.
St. Peter the Apostle, pray for us.
St. John the Apostle, pray for us.

Christ is Risen!  Happy Easter!



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